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Here, as downloadable PDF documents, are the 16 Lessons of the Roots of Rhythm curriculum.

Each lesson includes: information about the instrument and its country and culture of origin; information about the special rhythms associated with the instrument and instructions on how to play along; and instructions on how to build a homemade version of the instrument.

In addition, on this website, you have access to Audio Content (including MP3s) that accompany each lesson; Sample Syllabi; Fun Sheets offering more ways the lessons can brought alive in the classroom; and Content Standards, showing how Roots of Rhythm teaches key ideas for core subjects.

Download Volume 1
Roots of Rhythm: World
Drumming for All Ages

Download Volume 2
Roots of Rhythm: World
Drumming for All Ages

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Lesson Downloads by Chapter:

  1. The Adufe from Portugal
  2. The Bongos from Cuba
  3. The Buhai from Romania
  4. The Djembé from Guinea
  5. The Dondo from Ghana
  6. The Kakko from Japan
  7. The Lakota from North America
  8. The Naqqāra from Turkey
  9. The Ranāt Ēk from Thailand
  10. The Sājāt from Egypt
  11. The Panderio from Brazil
  12. The Snare Drum from Switzerland
  13. The Steel Drum from Trinidad and Tobago
  14. The Tabla from India
  15. The Turntable from the United States
  16. The Daf In Iraq