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Here, as downloadable PDF documents, are the 16 Fun Sheets to accompany the 16 Lessons of the Roots of Rhythm curriculum.

Each Fun Sheet has descriptive paragraphs based on chapters in the Teacher's Curriculum. The Fun Sheets also might include maps, photographs, or diagrams that reinforce the lessons. Fun Sheets can be used as stand-alone projects or as lesson review.

There are five types of Fun Sheet:

  1. Decorate Your Instrument: These are short art projects that students complete with pencils and markers.
  2. Make and Play Your Instrument: Using common materials the student makes a simple musical instrument and then composes rhythms to perform.
  3. Find Facts and Opinions: After reading the paragraph, students determine which statements are based on facts or opinions.
  4. Fill It In: Students fill in statements and complete a crossword puzzle based on the material provided.
  5. Compare and Contrast: Using a Venn diagram, students compare two instruments.

Lesson 1 Fun Sheet - Adufe
Lesson 2 Fun Sheet - Bongos
Lesson 3 Fun Sheet - Buhai
Lesson 4 Fun Sheet - Djembé
Lesson 5 Fun Sheet - Dondo
Lesson 6 Fun Sheet - Kakko
Lesson 7 Fun Sheet - Lakota Drum
Lesson 8 Fun Sheet - Naqqāra
Lesson 9 Fun Sheet - Ranāt Ēk
Lesson 10 Fun Sheet - Sājāt
Lesson 11 Fun Sheet - Pandeiro
Lesson 12 Fun Sheet - Snare Drum
Lesson 13 Fun Sheet - Steel Drums
Lesson 14 Fun Sheet - Tabla
Lesson 15 Fun Sheet - Turntable
Lesson 16 Fun Sheet - Daf

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