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To arrange the workshop or for more information
about Hosting an ROR Workshop you may directly contact
Dr. Craig Woodson
Director, Roots of Rhythm
Cleveland, Ohio



The internationally successful Roots of Rhythm (ROR) world drumming program has become a sought-after training workshop intended for Pre-K to 12 teachers to supplement core academic subjects. In the workshop, teachers learn the fun of playing and making percussion instruments described in the ROR teacher’s guide. Teachers come away with usable classroom connections to science, math, geography, and world cultures, increasing students’ interest in learning through the language of music. The Percussion Marketing Council (PMC), which sponsors ROR, is looking for partner institutions—schools, arts organizations, retail stores, and others—to host a Roots of Rhythm teacher workshop.

The Benefits of Hosting a Roots of Rhythm Workshop:

  1. FREE of charge to the Hosting Institution. Participants’ tuition fees are paid by PMC.
  2. Workshops, custom tailored to the Hosting Institution’ needs, can range from one day to a weekend or a week.
  3. Teacher attendees receive a valuable, unique educational experience for only a low materials fee.
  4. Teachers receive handouts, CD(s), support materials, instrument making supplies and hours of instruction.
  5. As a free, online curriculum, ROR becomes self-sustaining after teachers take the ROR workshop.

Percussion Marketing Council Provides:

  1. All professional facilitator instruction fees, transportation, accommodation and preparations.
  2. All workshop materials and promotional tools for hosting institution, both print and through the PMC website.
  3. All shipping of workshop materials, instruments-building components, curriculum workbooks.

Host Institution Provides:

  1. A minimum of 25 teachers and/or other professionals to attend the workshop.
  2. A venue where drumming and instrument making will not disturb others nearby; a suitable carpeted classroom to accommodate the group; and all necessary chairs, tables, black or white board.
  3. Assistance with unloading and/or receiving instructional materials prior to the workshop date/time.
  4. Weekday or weekend access to the facility and sufficient parking for attendees.
  5. Direct promotional marketing of the workshop to local teachers, schools, administrators, and the public.
  6. Package leftover materials for pre-paid UPS shipment after the workshop.

Attendees Provide:

  1. One-time Materials Fee of $35-45.00 per day depending upon number of workshop hours, depth of curriculum, and duration of workshop.
    All enrollments are made payable in advance to the Percussion Marketing Council.
  2. Simple registration via
  3. Completion of two workshop evaluations: 1st at completion of workshop, 2nd six-months after attendance.


PMC created the Roots of Rhythm teacher’s guide in 2004 with a grant from the NAMM Foundation as a multi-disciplinary world drumming curriculum now used by Pre-K-12 music and non-music teachers. ROR trainings in the curriculum provide hands-on drumming, drum making, and other music-related activities in support of core academic subjects. Since 2006, several thousand teachers have attended these workshops, impacting close to one-million students. Roots of Rhythm teacher workshops have been presented across the United States and overseas, and are internationally recognized as an effective approach to engaging students in the enjoyment and benefits of playing percussion instruments.

Current Workshops

Conducted by ROR author, percussionist and ethnomusicologist Dr. Craig Woodson, currently scheduled workshops are listed at .

Learn more about Roots of Rhythm Workshops at and about the Percussion Marketing Council at

To arrange the workshop or for more information about Hosting an ROR Workshop you may directly contact : Dr. Craig Woodson, Director, Roots of Rhythm, Cleveland, Ohio 440-725-8767