Here you will find MP3 audio tracks and accompanying notes that can be used with each of the 16 Lessons of the Roots of Rhythm curriculum.

The listen-along tracks were compiled by ethnomusicologist Dr. Craig Woodson and the play-along tracks were recorded by Woodson with Tommy Wiggins, recording engineer.

Sample Track Downloads

Chapter 1 – The Adufe from Portugal
Chapter 2 – The Bongos from Cuba
Chapter 3 – The Buhai from Romania
Chapter 4 – The Djembé from Guinea
Chapter 5 – The Dondo from Ghana
Chapter 6 – The Kakko from Japan
Chapter 7 – The Lakota Drum from North America
Chapter 8 – The Naqqāra from Turkey
Chapter 9 – The Ranāt Ēk from Thailand
Chapter 10 – The Sājāt from Egypt
Chapter 11 – The Panderio from Brazil
Chapter 12 – The Snare Drum from Switzerland
Chapter 13 – The Steel Drum from Trinidad and Tobago
Chapter 14 – The Tabla from India
Chapter 15 – The Turntable from the United States
Chapter 16 – The Daf In Iraq