The following sample syllabi show you how the 15 lessons of Roots of Rhythm can be adapted and combined to meet your curriculum needs. In each case, the model of a typical six-week elementary or junior high school calendar block has been used. These plans are based on the core curriculums of New York and California.

A: Social Studies

Grade 5—US & Latin American History (New York/California)

1PortugalAdufeLesson 1
2GhanaDondoLesson 5
3CubaBongoLesson 2
4Lakota NationLakota DrumLesson 7
5TrinidadSteel DrumsLesson 13
6USATurntableLesson 15
Alternates: Brazil (Pandeiro/Lesson 11), Guinea (Djembe/Lesson 4)

Grade 6—The Eastern Hemisphere (New York)

1RomaniaBuhaiLesson 3
2TurkeyNaqqaraLesson 8
3EgyptSajatLesson 10
4JapanKakkoLesson 6
5ThailandRanat EkLesson 9
6IndiaTablaLesson 15

Grade 6—Ancient Civilizations (California)

1GuineaDjembeLesson 4
2EgyptSajatLesson 10
3TurkeyNaqqaraLesson 8
4Lakota NationLakota DrumLesson 7
5JapanKakkoLesson 6
6IndiaTablaLesson 14
Alternates: Ghana (Dondo/Lesson 5), Thailand (Ranat Ek/Lesson 9)

B: MST/Math, Science, & Technology (New York)

Grade 5—MST Key Ideas: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach

WeekSubjectKey IdeaInstrumentROR LessonActivity
1MathProblem SolvingBongosLesson 2Group drumming with TUBS notation
2MathMath in Everyday LifeRanat EkLesson 9Aristotle and the math behind music
3ScienceScientific Inquiry/MethodTurntableLesson 15The invention of recorded music
4ScienceEnergy Production & ConservationDondoLesson 5Materials science behind sound/pitch
5TechnologyEngineering DesignDjembeLesson 4Build a djembe drum
6TechnologyImpact of Human EngineeringSteel DrumsLesson 13Commerce and war in the Caribbean

C: Arts & Music (California)

Grade 6—Visual & Performing Arts Key Ideas: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach

WeekSubjectKey IdeaInstrumentROR LessonActivity
1DanceDevelopment of Motor SkillsLakota DrumLesson 7Symbolic movements in Lakota dance
2DanceHistory & Function of DancePandeiroLesson 11Culture of Brazilian capoeira dancing
3MusicArtistic PerceptionBongosLesson 2Group drumming with TUBS notation
4MusicHistorical & Cultural PerspectivesBuhaiLesson 3The role of the buhai in Romanian culture
5Visual ArtsArtistic PerceptionAdufeLesson 1The symbolic use of the adufe in Portugal
6Visual ArtsHistorical & Cultural PerspectivesTurntableLesson 15Explore the hip-hop/break dancing/graffiti art of 1980s Brooklyn