There are 16 Lessons of the Roots of Rhythm curriculum available by PDF.

Each lesson includes: information about the instrument and its country and culture of origin; information about the special rhythms associated with the instrument and instructions on how to play along; and instructions on how to build a homemade version of the instrument. In addition, on this website, you have access to Audio Content (including MP3s) that accompany each lesson; Sample SyllabiFun Sheets offering more ways the lessons can brought alive in the classroom; and Content Standards, showing how Roots of Rhythm teaches key ideas for core subjects.

Roots of Rhythm
Volume II

Lessons By Chapter

11 – The Panderio from Brazil
12 – The Snare Drum from Switzerland
13 – The Steel Drum from Trinidad and Tobago
14 – The Tabla from India
15 – The Turntable from the United States
16 – The Daf in Iraq